Encounter 239 – 7.10.2022

Today we talked about Osa’s film “Aswat-Acherim” which will be screened in the coming week at the Jerusalem Cinematheque and once also at the Tel Aviv Cinematheque on 10/13. The film was shot over 10 years and is attended by friends we know from Gaza and Sderot.
After the festive screenings, Osa and his team plan to come to us for the upcoming lighthouse meeting.
Ahead of the olives picking season with the Palestinians in the West Bank, I tried to convey my impressions of last year’s picking in a hope that…
We talked to Rami and realized that despite his current location, he is not silent on the yeast and continues to try to cultivate relationships.
A mini-discussion developed on the (philosophical?) question of the concept of a “democratic Jewish state”. Interesting, but the discussion arose near the time of dispersal and faded with it.
We also talked about the upcoming elections, about agendas, about who votes and who doesn’t.
And how is it possible without a few words about the new “All Citizens party” (if you will “Voice of all Citizens”) and the insights, mainly from Roni and me who are in it’s WhatsApp group. This organization, if anyone was wondering, was indeed registered as a party, but will not participate in the upcoming elections.
Surely more topics came up, but due to my forgetfulness and advanced age, they did not make it to print.
When Mary arrived after hot summer months, we noticed how much we miss our friends Jaber, Mehran, Rami, Radir and all the other Aswat-Acherim.
This time we were: Nahshi, Moshe, Roni, Mark, Malki, Bella, Hanan, Mary, Oded.
Written by: Oded