Special encounter – 29.11.2022

Through Nomika’s mediation, girls from the Tzali Preparatory School from Ein Tsurim, religious girls before conscription, came to us today in the early afternoon. We were part of their more extensive tour in the south and they came to us after a visit to Kibbutz Sufa. Nahshi brewed coffee and herbal tea. Rami donated chairs from his warehouse and moved them to the area, Julia and Maharan joined and I dug the opening with explanations about us, about the “lighthouse”, about the area, etc. (we know, we know).
After that, Julia spoke about the importance of each party’s recognition of the other, followed by Maharan (who came straight from his lawyer office, wearing a 3-piece suit and matching tie).
Shmulik and Nahshi joined the round with the girls and spoke in turn.
What then did the girls talk about? About “what is Gaza for them” of course, because that was our request.
And what did they say? Well, the majority chose answers that ranged from one to seven words. Here is what I managed to write down:
Gaza is something remote and scary
The word “Gaza” in itself causes fear
War, crime, bad things
Terror but also lack of choice
Remembering Gush Katif, disengagement, something that was taken from us, operations, poverty, a fence
Fear, enemies
War and fear
War and fear and hatred
Mutual injustice
All kinds of operations
Gaza is entering to the unknown
remembers in “cast lead” her man was almost killed. Big question mark, dead end, no solution
A lack of trust that hurts both parties
There are people living in Gaza who want to hurt me just because of my Jewishness
A problem without a solution
Bilateral impotence, no solution. I pity the Gazans who have nowhere to run
A complex situation. Heartache for the soldiers and residents. Also a little about the Gazans, a lot of misunderstanding
The words, coping, sacrifice, courage, understanding and hope come to mind
What does each side educate the children, does it love people, responsibility?
Fear and nightmares
The first thought in the context of Gaza is fear and sorrow for our soldiers and citizens
The kidnapped soldiers who did not receive a proper burial.
Heartache, fear and reluctance from the existing situation
The hope for peace following the expulsion from Gush Katif and the great suffering that come after.
I don’t feel sorry for those who live there but for those of us who suffer
Frustration and sorrow also regarding those there who live in poverty
Gaza reminds her of stories of her father who went there to the market and to the sea. Today it is anger and pain
Enemies, wars and frustration
Anger and frustration
I didn’t manage to write everything down, I didn’t necessarily hear every word (they speak weakly and I’m profoundly deaf).
I did not add here the wise and scholarly things voiced by my honorable colleagues, (the influence of Advocate Maharan) Shmulik, Nahshi, Julia and Maharan. After all, it’s a mid-week summary and I have a life too…
We were – Julia, Maharan, Shmulik, Nahshi, Oded
Transportation – Rami (go), Dagan (return)
Blessings – Moshe, Malki, Dina, Ye’ela, Limor, Hayuta, Eric, Roni, Nomika
Written by: Oded