Encounter 247 – 2.12.2022

The news heralded racism and robbery. We changed the radio station, first to Nablus Broadcasting and later to the Voice of Music, but the mood did not improve.
However, before we arrived at the lighthouse, we (Shmulik, Nahshi and Moshe) were treated to a Druze lafa with Labne.
The sky cleared and a pleasant sun illuminated our “winter residence”.
Shmulik just put the pot on the fire and the first circle has already opened with Abdal, Mahmoud and Farid, all three of the Tarabin tribe. First there was an explanation by Shmulik about the place and the meeting.
Farid told about his mother who came from Gaza, so we talked about the space, about neighbors near and far, about fears and hopes.
Roni called to inform about two German teachers making their way to the lighthouse:
Kristin and Brigitte came to us from the Bethlehem area. One teaches today and one in the past, at a school in the town of Beit Jala, and they shared with us their concern about the state of health in Gaza: there is a film documenting the hardships of cancer patients who need treatment. This time we preferred to skip the Yiddish and Nahshi managed to summarize, in English, the history of the sulfur plant.
Mark, also in English, completed the picture with an update on the current situation and his feelings.
We said goodbye to the visitors from Tarabin and Beit Jala and started another circle, with Limor, who was present at the weekly meeting of the “Hadar formation” for the return of the captives and the missing in the “Black Arrow” and with Mary, who contributed both insights into the complexity of the situation in the area and the fruits of her trees: delicious pecans.
At four o’clock in the afternoon, the evening wind blows, the hour of blessing and closing.
Writing: Moshe.
Documentation: Nahshi.