Encounter 248 – 9.12.2022

Little by little, from week to week, more travelers are passing through the sulfur plant in preparation for the peak that will occur during “Southern Red”. Some of them went right through our circle and politely refused our invitation for coffee and friendly company for conversation. Only one couple asked if we would be there next week as well, today is already a little late for them because of the approaching Shabbat.
We were left alone.
The talk was about old age and recovery, until Jaber arrived.
Jaber was not long ago, so we held a circle of hugs (“only the empty chairs didn’t get up to hug me” he said). Then he was asked about his situation in the Travel Guide course. From the hesitation before he answered, we understood. Still he said a few things. He recalled that when he started the course, Shmulik told him, “They will fail you”. So while Jaber is getting close to the exams and is still in the course, he feels very well the difficulty of being an Israeli-Palestinian Arab who has to learn and explain the Jewish narrative only while ignoring and negating another narrative.
A discussion began in the circle. The sub-discourse dealt with the right claimed by the residents of the country, both these and those, for their possession of the space. The over-discourse sailed on talking about Zionism, about secondary and main currents in religions, about emotion, about truth and myth, and also about the question of whether Jaber should prepare for the tests as a “Jew” after passing a guide according to the best of his knowledge, or stick to the truth and the “non-academic” knowledge of His, even if it will result in failing the exams.
It was interesting, educational and… sweet! Sweet thanks to the Lin family’s decision to lower the sugar level in their home. A decision that earned us chocolate muffins and cookies brought by Mary.
As mentioned, the conversation worthy of a summary began only when Jaber arrived and since he felt that he had not yet exhausted the spirit of the “Lighthouse” in its entirety, Jaber remained to reflect on things in the parking lot, next to the car, with a fragrant hookah.
We were cold, it was a quarter past four and as our friend Jeff says from Rabbi Tarfon, “You do not have to finish the job and you are not free to withdraw from it ” (imagine that in an American accent). We went on to other crafts.
This time we were: Moshe, Malki, Bela, Mary, Hayuta, Jaber, Uzi, Nahshi, Oded.
Written by: Oded