Encounter 249 – 16.12.2022

Mary flew the lighthouse kite and two first guests ask what the star means. Tzachi came to us from Netivot. Golan is a resident of Moshav Shova.
Shmulik pours the first coffee, opens a circle and tells about the place, about the history of the old factory, including a rich description of the cavalry battle during the British occupation one hundred and five years ago. From there he skips to our time.
Golan and Tzachi add details about the space but emphasize that the belief in peace, equality and partnership in Shmuel’s words is far from their view. Nevertheless, they promise to return and part amicably. Mary, Mahran, Malki, Dina and Hanan join in a conversation of a more intimate nature because now the participants are the loyalists of the lighthouse, the “owners” according to the political language prevalent today…
Oded comes from a conference of “all citizens – al Moatiniha” party and updates on the discussions to establish a federation of equality as a basis for a new political partnership.
Rami enters, receives the blessing of those present and a cup of coffee. Rami shares with us his feelings regarding the transformations in Israel, in the immediate area and in his kibbutz. Rami’s words place another direction in the circle: the question of identity, personal and possibly also collective, in this world, in this time.
At four in the afternoon, a quarter of an hour before Shabbat begins, we fold the table that is falling apart (there is no whole from a broken heart, as above a broken table) and wish a happy Holiday of Lights, that the clouds of anger and darkness will disappear, in our days, at this time.
We were: Mary, Shmulik, Mahran, Malki, Dina, Hanan, Oded, Rami, Golan, Tzachi, Moshe.
Wrote: Moshe