Encounter 264 – 31.3.2023

The fasting of Ramadan is in full swing, Passover is also approaching, the holiday is already here. The wheel of the year turns despite the storms. In the lighthouse is a kind of routine that tries to survive in a storm of other routines.
As usual for the last few weeks, I start by looking for chairs and come back loaded with garbage bags (without chairs).
Moshe, Haim, Shmulik and Nahshi sit around the table and listen to Rami who tells about the structure of the aquifers in the Arava.
The topic is covered and Rami suggests making a circle on the question of whether there is a connection between the Zadorov trial and the coup d’état currently underway in the country.
In the meantime, Malki and Bella arrive. In the spirit of the times, seeing only men, Malki asks if she can join or is it better that they sit at a distance from some of the men, so as not to provoke temptation.
Nahshi making tea.
Returning to the research question formulated by Rami, the dominant word is “prosecution”. We get into legal corners and wording dilemmas. Mainly it seems that although everyone is quite sure of his/her opinion, there are concepts and procedures that we don’t understand and a “circular” discussion (in the sense of repetition) begins.
We ran out. I would like to present a situation for discussion.
“We are standing in the demonstration, vigorously waving the Israeli flag. A Palestinian comes to the demonstration and says, when the laws of the dictatorship are passed, I will be the one who will hurt more than everyone else. Therefore, I ask to join you in the demonstration.”
I asked that everyone address the situation and reply to that Palestinian. Welcome! everyone said. When we added a flag to the Palestinians, it already sounded ahalan and sahlan but…

This time we were: Malki, Bela, Shmulik, Nahshi, Haim, Moshe, Rami, Oded. This time Roni was with us in her heart.
Written by: Oded