Encounter 265 – 7.4.2023

Another round of Jewish-Israeli “justice” started and ended tonight. A few hours ago we “returned to normal”. The same routine that Tibi calls democratic for Jews and Jewish for Arabs. There were not many expectations for travelers today (security tension and hot weather) and yet… we are here.
As usual, I made a round to look for chairs. This time I collected 5 of these that were placed under the trees. Some of the signs that Nahshi made, in Hebrew and Arabic, in which he asks to return the chairs after use, were found torn and thrown into one of the pits, someone is probably angry with us and reacts by smashing chairs and tearing signs.
At the meeting itself there were 8 of us and we talked about order and disorder. Also on methods to manage the disorder.
Mark told about protest bikes that he was a part of in the events of the “Extinction Rebellion”.
Hayuta read from the poems of Meir Wiesilter who passed away a few days ago,
Shmulik made coffee,
Nahshi smoked, took pictures and called Rami.
The conversation with Rami didn’t work out because of the communication problems there, but I wanted to talk to Rami to hear from him and better understand what happened to Gaza last night.
According to our friends in “Other Voice”, there were “terrible bombings”.
Hanan brought his homemade jam and told (again) the story about an Arab woman from the north who scheduled her wedding for 5/15 and only when Hanan reminded her that it is “Nakba Day” did she realize the mistake…
Maharan amazes with his stories and invites to an iftar dinner at his place.
After that, Shmulik, Nahshi and I continued to Rahat and joined a protest demonstration about the events of the last few days in Al Aqsa.
We were and survived to tell: Hayuta, Nahshi, Shmulik, Hanan, Maharan, Mark, Malki, Oded.
Written by: Oded