Encounter 270 – 12.5.2023

The roads to the “Lighthouse” are blocked, but not all. There was an argument in the car: Should we go to the sulfur plant or sit under the protection of a shelter near Be’eri.
Under the pressure of the back bench, it was decided to Be’eri.
But, no shelter was found there…
With no choice, the back bench agreed to go to the sulfur plant. Nahshi also adds that “no one will come anyway and all we need is to bypass the army and bring a picture of victory.”
As mentioned, the roads are blocked, but not all…
In the “Lighthouse” a pleasant wind blows and the silence is wrapped in a hum from the sky and distant growls of another unnecessary war.
Nahshi, the one from the back bench, sending a “not to come” invitation. Strange kind of an invitation.
Shmulik, Nahshi and me. Three coffee mugs, with refreshments that have been making their way back and forth for several weeks.
Talk about Gaza, or rather, keep talking about Gaza. There is a lot to say already from the night between Monday and Tuesday 8-9/5. It’s not just that I mention the date. This is the official date of the end of WWII (in Russia it is celebrated on 9/5 and in Europe 8/5), a war in which about 6 million Jews were murdered (out of about 35 million total citizens) – the “Holocaust”.
The Holocaust serves to this day as a moral test for the State of Israel and gives it unlimited credit to repel accusations of its behavior towards the Palestinians. And here, on this sensitive date, Israel chooses to re-examine the strength of the Holocaust and under the illusory pretext of self-defense eliminates three Palestinians who are defined as “seniors in the Islamic Jihad” and along the way murders ten more innocent people.
So we came to the “Lighthouse”. We quoted WhatsApps, articles and conversations, all in the context of Gaza, its surroundings and its destruction.
When we left the area, we changed the route a little and upon reaching the exit road from the Re’im parking lot, we were captured by an IDF squad. The soldiers jumped out of their composure and excitedly waved us to stop (except for one who was engrossed in crossword puzzles). They caught three downed Altas. They reported us and were instructed to hold us until the command understood the extent of the failure. Then they announced that since we had arrived from a no-go area, we would have to wait. We offered them a coffee in the meantime, they said they are equipped and organized and respected us with iced Coce.
A strange scene: three leftists (except for Nahshi and Shmulik), elderly people and a squad of young people wearing uniforms are waiting for “instructions from above”. After about fifteen minutes we were released.
We were this time – Nahshi, Shmulik, Oded.
Intented to come but avoided it for security reasons – Hanan and Mark.
“Take care of yourselves” – Mahran said
Sending a hug – Roni
Send information that was discussed during the meeting – Racheli, Nomika, Dina, Julia, Mary, Hayuta.
“The heart is with you” – Malki said.
Written by: Oded