Encounter 271 – 19.5.2023

In the last year, the dialogue we used to maintain with partners in Gaza has weakened. This dialogue is important and complementary to the circles that are re-created every Friday at the “Lighthouse”.
Of course, individual relationships still exist, such as helping someone find a job, transporting patients, donating money, and more. But, the connection with the group from Gaza was in the past one of the anchors of the “Lighthouse”. In situations where the reality hardly changes and it is difficult to get excited at every new meeting, the conversation with Gaza, as well as the meeting with random guests, was what created interest and sometimes a thread for further action or dialogue. Admittedly, even in the talks with Gaza, the texts were repeated, but perhaps this is actually the conflict we are facing today, messages that are repeated over and over and may produce a “tiring” routine in the face of recognition of the importance of persistence in maintaining the “Lighthouse” initiative.
A shining ray of light in this “routine” is Roni, who manages to create a continuous dialogue with people of Gaza, and every week she shares information with us. This time Roni proposed to create some kind of forum to which the needs of employers on the one hand, and job seekers on the other, would flow.
During every week, articles are published and information is published in the context of Gaza. It’s not like direct dialogue, but it’s knowledge. Knowledge and facts are an important tool in dealing with “feeling”. In the context of Gaza, all the more so. The gap between the public’s “knowledge” about Gaza (if anyone is interested in Gaza outside of the war context) and the real facts and information, is huge. The same goes for the knowledge that exists in the Gazan public about Israel. An initiative like the “Lighthouse” is important as a place that treasures knowledge that it can mediate to those who are interested in listening (perhaps even generating the matter itself).
Today, 9 people were present at our Lighthouse, all of whom have “experience” of one kind or another. That’s why we wondered about those who disappeared a bit: Jaber for example and Ofek (Nahshi sent him a message and he replied that Ofek does intend to visit and has a lot to tell us).
It is also important to note that Chaim is coming for the fifth or sixth time (who is counting) in the last two or three months. It may not lower the average age, but it certainly raises the level of intellect.
We reminded ourselves – and repeat here as well – that next week we have two special meetings planned: Wednesday 5/31, with the Galilee Preparatory and the next day, Thursday 6/1 with the trainees of the “Hashomer Hachadash” leadership program. In the afternoon here at the sulfur plant. We would welcome the participation of anyone who can.
This time we were: Nahshi, Shmulik, Bela, Malki, Roni, Hanan, Haim, Moshe, Oded.
Written by: Oded.