Encounter 277 – 16.6.2023

The “lighthouse” idea created a community. When no visitors come, the community meets itself.
What did we talk about? This week Rami found an article about a demonstration by the refugees of the village of Lajoon in front of Kibbutz Megido which sits on the land where the village sat until 1948. Most of the residents of the village were deported to Umm El Fahm. Now they are protesting demanding that the mosque be excluded from the kibbutz (the mosque is still standing) and allow them to pray in it and maintain it.
The issue of Zionism came up again… I get the impression that the main debate on the issue of “Zionism” takes place around the definition of the term itself. As the term “Gaza” creates a different context for everyone, so does the term “Zionism”. As a result of this discussion, the matter of Palestinian flags in demonstrations also came up for a moment…
We celebrated Bella’s birthday, 85!! She came with Malki and a basket with cake and wine.
Roni told what was “renewed” in Gaza.
Rami, who took on the issue of the beehives that were placed near the factory, said that he spoke with the beekeeper (who is a scion of a family from Nes Ziona who were the first beekeepers in the Land of Israel) who said that in two weeks he would take the beehives away from here. When that happens, we can move to the “summer residence”.
More topics, coffee, cookies and watermelon flowed under and over the table.
The rotation of the earth caused the sun’s rays to penetrate through the building’s openings, harassing the crowd of people sitting and finally scattering them. In the summer residence the shade is guaranteed even if the earth continues to move.
This time we were: Moshe, Hayuta, Shmulik, Roni, Rami, Malki, Bela, Oded, Hanan.
Written by: Oded