Encounter 278 – 23.6.2023

A day before General Prigozhin began the march of the rebels towards Moscow, four loyalists of the lighthouse had already taken positions at the sulfur factory.
While Oded prepares a table, Shmulik promises coffee.
Haim receives an update on the meetings that have taken place in recent times, and welcomes the activity with the youth of the preparatory schools.
The question of the identity of the “lighthouse” arises again.
Mark arrives at the right moment to try and answer the question. There are already five of us, and naturally there are seven opinions regarding the purpose of the activity and the ways of spreading and realizing the basic idea of the lighthouse: awareness of Gaza and concern for the situation on both sides of the fence.
This time the bees took pity on us, probably as a result of placing barrels of water near the hives, which allows not only to sip Shmulik’s coffee but also to enjoy a cake, a homemade pastry that Chaim placed on the discussion table.
As for the question of the possible tasks, there was talk of creating a pool of workers from the Gaza Strip seeking work and of agricultural and industrial farms in the region who could show interest – and above all, goodwill – to provide a living for workers and ease the plight of many families.
The first part (list of job seekers) is absolutely possible. The supplementary chapter, it is regrettably said, is more difficult to operate: business owners are needed with a willingness to accept Gazans and take care of entry permits, stay in the country, work as required by the regulations, and if necessary also permits for lodging and a place accordingly.
Well, what will we do if a bus full of travelers arrives now, as happened two weeks ago?
Here we return to the beginning of the story (remember: rebels, Russia) since this is exactly what Lenin was talking about (“What is to be done?”, 1901).
So we return to the question of the road, and Chaim suggests looking into the possibility of handing out notes (“What is Gaza to you”) and pencils. Each guest will be invited to write down a sentence or two. Before returning to the bus, hand back the note. This, over a period of time, allows tracking of the answers and changes in trends.
This time we were not visited by any bus, but the question of visitors is always on the agenda.
At this moment of dilemmas and struggles, Malki appeared, and with her updates on her blessed activities: demonstrations, meetings of the Lands Committee in the Negev and a host of issues concerning the “Question of the Bedouins”.
At the end, a lawyer joins the circle: Maharan doesn’t give up a watermelon slice and the circle doesn’t give up on Maharan’s report on the Bar Association elections. Maharan not only reports, he also sails to other times, but we are already at four in the afternoon, the time for collecting the cups, closing the circle, shaking hands and descending from the former Sulfur Hill, today’s Hill of Vision.
Present: Oded, Shmulik, Haim, Mark, Malki, Maharan, Moshe.
Written by: Moshe