Encounter 279 – 30.6.2023

The discussion started while driving to the lighthouse: Talking about books, that Shmulik likes Meir Shalev more than Agnon.
Friday afternoon in the Gaza area. There is a pleasant breeze, and the bees are satisfied with the water near the hive.
Shmulik makes sure to serve coffee, and to mention that on the other side of the fence next to the sulfur factory, today they celebrate the holiday of the sacrifice, Eid-al-Adha.
Hayuta, always armed with a book, pulls out another work of Meir Shalev, “Fontanela”. She reads from the book and for a moment we move from the Gaza area to a courtyard with the views of the Israel valley.
With our return to the here and now, Shmulik raises his concern about the political situation and the future of the Jewish-Arab partnership, for example in the Israeli Communist Party. A party that was founded about a century ago, and has produced generations of leaders and activists. Shmulik misses Dov Hanin.
Today there are no hikers in the area, not even shepherds around.
So what did we have today? We sailed to the Israel Valley, traveled to other times, returned to the Gaza Strip…
This time we were: the Tzur brothers (Hayuta and Shmulik), Moshe.
Written by: Moshe