Encounter 224 – 24.6.2022

We talked to Rami. He attended a human rights conference with 160 delegates from Africa, Asia, Europe and also Palestinians. Rami wants to organize a similar and more focused conference on the Middle East and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. He also wants, in preparation for the opening of the upcoming school year, to provide shoes for children, in the format of the distribution of schoolbags from last year. That means fundraising of course.
I “dug” again on the book “Year Zero 1929” by Hillel Cohen. I finished reading it and I recommend it to everyone.
Last week, I sent a link to Hillel Cohen Zoom lecture to those who asked (available here on YouTube). Lecture initiated by “Sipur-Hikaya“.
Roni spoke about Hamas’ observation post, which overlooks her home. The Hamas members hung an inscription on it, “Yamit First, then the Netiv-Ha’asara, then the whole country.” A discussion has developed about the weight we give to certain statements, who said them, how important the speaker is and to whom they are intended.
All of this of course does not stop Roni from continuing with good deeds and a blessed relationship with the needy, and there are many.
Ofek said that in the upcoming elections he will vote for the first time in his life. He hesitates and hears nothing from politicians about issues related to complex life in our space. Ofek plans to travel soon with two friends to Germany and Poland – to tour the extermination / concentration camps. They did not travel as part of school and that interests them. I asked him if he had packed a flag to wrap himself in and he said yes. I asked him to send a picture.
We were this time: Roni, Ofek, Oded, Shmulik and Nahshi.
Wrote: Oded

Encounter 223 – 17.6.2022

223 meetings. Over 4 years of “lighthouse” every Friday and still in my immediate family there are those who ask me in amazement, “are you sitting this week too?”. what to say? There are gaps to cross.
Shmulik, Nahshi, Moshe and I collect Hayuta.
Ronny arrives and Ofek too.
Last week, Ofek preferred the Pride Parade over the “Lighthouse”, can you imagine?
Later Malki and Bella will arrive. Bella celebrated her 84th birthday this week! With energies of a 20-year-old.
Then Hanan also arrived, carrying strawberry jam seasoned with black pepper! Goes well with the homemade bread that Nahshi bake every week for our reunion.
Shortly after three o’clock, Maharan and his youngest son (out of four), ten-year-old Malek, arrived.
Random hikers were not interested in the sulfur plant this week, except for a family who passed by us and the man who was driving the vehicle refused on behalf of everyone to stop for coffee.
The coffee, by the way, continues to be brewed by Shmulik who resolutely dispossessed Nahshi and inherited his chair in front of the gas(a).
As usual in a situation where “everyone knows everyone”, all that is left is to try to find hot topics from the last week (longing for Rami who always finds an idea to discuss. Also this week, Rami is in the north with his first grandson. Again, congratulations to Rami, Naomi And the family).
At Roni’s initiative, we tried a new telephone connection with Gaza. For moments it came up, we smiled and waved hello but we really had a hard time having a conversation due to the technical limitations.
I recently found a new “guru”, Hillel Cohen, and I am digging for everyone the latest insights I have gleaned from his fascinating book about the Year of 1929.
Roni occasionally tries to respond to attacks (mostly from me but not only) on “Zionism” and claims that with all her understanding of the Palestinian plight, (and there is no one who has do like Roni to worry and address these plight), she still lacks a step or even a clear statement For their part, about the day the conflict will end.
Hanan read and recounts that part of the Gaza coast has been cleansed of pollutants and is worthy of bathing!
Moshe listens and occasionally illuminates in a precise spot a certain element from the general text.
Shmulik made Coffee and tea.
Hayuta in her book of poems, she looks for a song that deserves to be heard collectively. Not found this time.
Nahshi occasionally retires for a cigarette, taking pictures and being cynical.
Ofek answers questions about his impending military service.
Malki comes because here despair is more comfortable.
Bella is optimistic.
Roni took care to bring this time also a fly repellent and whoever is exposed, spreads.
Everything is run in Shanti until Maharan comes. Maharan’s lecture this time focuses on the historical connection between the al-Huzail tribe and the State of Israel and why it is emotionally difficult for them to be fighters against the plunder of their land by the state, having already given up tens of thousands of dunams since the establishment of the state.
Mahran’s speech brings us to four o’clock.
Survived to tell: Shmulik, Nahshi, Moshe, Hayuta, Hanan, Roni, Malki, Bella, Maharan, Malek, Ofek, Oded.
Wrote: Oded.

Encounter 222 – 10.6.2022

We had previously been to a meeting of “Road to Recovery” volunteers at Kibbutz Alumim. From there, Avi continued with us, so that even 3 hours of “circle” will not be enough to tell about all the activities for acquaintance, rapprochement, completion, education and reconciliation in which he is involved.
Roni told about the continuation of our friends work in Gaza and we almost managed to talk to one of the leaders. We will try again soon.
Rami called and excitedly announced that his first grandchild had been born! We got excited and congratulated.
Before leaving early for another happy event, Oded recounted an experience from one of the last shuttles as part of “Road to Recovery“, when he gathered patients from the Erez checkpoint and was surprised to see several families going out together in festive “Western” attire. He was surprised by the fact that such a natural sight is astonishing in our hallucinatory reality.
Jaber expanded on women’s clothing and cover drivers in the Strip and said that in recent years there has been some relief in enforcing the religious dress code, especially in the residential neighborhoods of major cities.
Dina, who has repeatedly said that everyone should do what they can to promote the good, said that she has returned from volunteering with Ukrainian refugees in Moldova and that she is soon going on a similar project in Poland.
We were this time: Roni, Oded, Shmulik, Avi, Dina, Malki, Jaber and Nahshi.
Wrote: Nahshi

Encounter 221 – 3.6.2022

I do not have a brilliant introduction, so I’ll go straight to the spokespersons
A Chinese couple studying in Israel are sitting with us. We will get to them later, but it requires carving English words.
I jumble in spoiled English, explain about us and answer the research question – what is Gaza for me. I also answer: neighbors, suffering, desire to act, etc. – all the things I usually say and have become an unwelcome routine.
After Ofek speaks Eglish and briefly vigorously: Gaza for ofek is a place where people live. He can sit down to eat a watermelon (we brought a first watermelon of the season…) and feel free. He wants it for them too. So simple, so true.
Moshe says that the events that are happening here, parades of various kinds (also in universities) are legal and legitimate actions, including the hoisting of the Palestinian flag. Demonstrating against him is pretty stupid. Moshe saw the demonstration that took place at Ben-Gurion University. The “students” who demonstrated against the Palestinians first flag were for the most part young children wearing kippahs who came from outside. Feels unpleasant towards the Israeli-Palestinian students. The purpose was to cause discomfort to the Palestinians. The overall picture is difficult and complicated and it is difficult to separate the components of the complex. This should also provoke thought about Gaza.
Bella passed the age of 80 and saw many things in her life, Good and bad. Gaza is like a POW camp where the people cannot change their lives. Maybe we’re actually captives too, she muses.
For Malki, Gaza is a black pit and despair. Malki, like the rest of us, wants a common space. A normal life for everyone. There they have no life like ours. They have no light at the end of the tunnel and it is discouraging and has no solutions. Came here to be encouraged. The situation is neither good nor improving. It’s not just Gaza. As Moshe said, it is big and complicated.
Nahshi was born in the neighborhood of Gaza and lives next door to this day. There are also opportunities in Gaza, he says, that with good relations can benefit everyone. Beach, market shopping and commercial life. Now instead we have hostility and missiles. Nahshi prefer to see that there is a horizon. The situation must be better, he says. Our life here is a fact and we need to be prepared for the change that will come. He is sure that change will come, in a pleasant or painful way. The substitute is a war scenario. Came here because of the coffee and friends. Know that in Gaza they know about us and appreciate it.
For Shmulik, human rights in Israel and abroad should exist and he works for this. It is important for him to come and listen to the opinions of others. Hoping for better times and committing to making the most of it
David comes from China. He is a student, here in Israel. An archeology, history and Bible student. In China the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians is what is presented in the media. Because of his stay here he is more interested and also took a tour along the border with a guide who was a civilian security guard. Did not know and did not plan to reach the circle. After hearing us he think that we are doing an important educational action. They had lectures on how Gaza has deteriorated. People in Gaza are like all the other people in the world. Hamas makes them live badly. There must be an opportunity for change. There is a physical barrier but the internet allows Contact: See profile of a young woman in Gaza who does not talk about war but about love and a good life.
Yanan is a student at the Hebrew University. I have known Yanan for about 5 years because she volunteered in our Kibutz. I told her a long time ago about the “lighthouse” and today, on her way to celebrate “Shavuot” with us, she decided to stop in our circle. Yanan says that she has’nt experienced missels alarm with all the accompanying effects that result from it. what is interesting to her is the fact that after Whatever we absorb from Hamas, there are still people who hope for normalcy with them. Her point of view is more liberal and open.
Bella asks what is happening that the country is constantly in decline ?
Rami says that the country is not going down – but going in a different direction: in the direction that it is going, it is in great advanced – national, nationalist, a large majority driven by faith. Admittedly, the struggle for the Land of Israel has not been decided but “they” are very advanced. Rami also adds that Oded thinks we are a silent majority, but he, Rami, thinks we are a stupid minority.
We were this time: Rami, Bella, Malki, David, Yanan, Ofek, Nahshi, Shmulik, Oded, Moshe.
Wrote: Oded.